Managing R&D, Technology and Innovation (MOT) in the Process Industries

We recognise that tthe Process Industries, spanning over several industrial sectors including minerals & metals (steel), pulp & paper, food & beverages, chemicals & petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, constitute a substantial part of all manufacturing industry world-wide. There are indeed some key differences between the management of R&D, technology and innovation in the Process Industries and in other manufacturing industries. Moreover, there are also fundamental similarities in the management of product and process innovation among companies in different sectors of the Process Industries. Companies in the Process Industries may focus on being efficient commodity producers or on developing and marketing products and services with more advanced functionality and performance specifications. In both cases, the management of R&D, technology, and innovation is critical to sustainable corporate performance.

The first international workshop on innovation in the Process Industries

Apart from the scientific objective and the publication of a special issue in the R&D Management Journal, the objective is also to jointly develop a coherent framework, a research agenda and an action plan for MOT in the Process Industries. We have now attracted top scholars from academia who will attend this workshop, and we are now selectively inviting industry representatives from different sectors of the Process Industries to join in. On the first day you will have the opportunity to present, listen to and discuss “state-of-the-art” presentations from researchers, treating different aspects of MOT from different sectors of the Process Industries.


Important Dates

5-6 May 2011 : Workshop

1st of September 2011

Deadline to submit revised papers for the review process



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